Monday, May 13, 2013

The $5,000 Summertime Bonus for New Drivers!

- - - - FOR NEW DRIVERS - - - -
Our $2,000 Better Bonus that ran earlier this year was so successful that we decided to put another bonus together along those lines. So we took the same basic plan, and just made the money BIGGER!
We are very excited to announce the


Why is Foremost’s “$5,000 Summertime Bonus” even better?

Foremost Transport, Inc. values all of our drivers. When we set up the $5,000
Summertime Bonus, we decided it had to be four things:
  • There had to be a middle ground. We wanted to be certain that, even if a driver has a bad month or starts a little late in the summer, he or she can earn a significant portion of the total bonus.
  • It had to be attainable. We did not want to have a bonus that couldn’t be earned by all of our hard working drivers.
  • It had to pay out quickly. We wanted our drivers to actually get the money they earn as little as a week or two after they earn it.
  • It had to benefit all our towable single pull drivers. We are not the type of company that is going to pile cash on new drivers while ignoring those who have worked hard with us for years.


Who is eligible for the “$5,000 Summertime Bonus?”

All Owner/Operators (either new or who have been with us for a long time) of ¾-ton or larger pickups who are leased onto the single-pull towable division of Foremost Transport, Inc. during May, June, July, August, and/or September of 2013 are eligible to earn part or all of the $5,000 Summertime Bonus.


So, how much of the bonus do I earn and when do I get it?

There are five parts of the bonus, and each is separate from the rest. Failing to earn one part of the bonus does not necessarily disqualify you from the rest. The schedule is:
  • For running 7,500 loaded miles in May 2013, we pay you $500 in June, 2013
  • For running 7,500 loaded miles in June 2013, we pay you $500 in July, 2013
  • For running 7,500 loaded miles in July 2013, we pay you $500 in August, 2013
  • For running 7,500 loaded miles in August 2013, we pay you $500 in September, 2013
  • For running 7,500 loaded miles in September 2013, we pay you $500 in October, 2013
  • For running 37,500 loaded miles in May-Sept. 2013, we pay you $2,500 in in October, 2013
We have drivers who proved over and over this late winter and spring with out $2,000 Better Bonus that, with the help of our Backhaul Dept.,  legally and safely running 8,000-9,000 per month is really doable. If you are a driver who leased on with us before May 1, 2013, please click here.


So how do I get paid?

We will place the money on your ComData card, usually within a week or two of month end. If you have not met your bond requirement yet, we may elect to place that month’s bonus payment into your bond account until you reach your goal.


This seems too good to be true…what’s the catch?

The “catch” is Foremost expects its drivers to run safe and legal because, let's be honest, tickets and accidents are bad for us and for our drivers. A chargeable incident or bad DOT stop may disqualify the driver from that particular bonus period. A pending claim may delay payment until it is determined whose fault it was. Also, to keep drivers from being tempted to "work the system," drivers who de-lease after May 1, 2013 but before October 31, 2013 are removed from the program and are ineligible to participate even if they re-lease with Foremost. That’s about it.
As new driver, you can contact Recruiting at 1-866-764-1601 or simply comment on this post if you have any questions about this program.  If you are a veteran driver who has been leased on since before May 1, 2013, please click here for your bonus plan!


Sounds pretty good. Now what?

  • You can apply to be a Foremost Subcontractor at our online application.
  • If pen and paper is more your style, download and print a Foremost application that you can email, mail, or fax to us here.
  • Still have questions? Ask it in the comments section below this post, have a look at our truck requirements, or call one of our great recruiters at 1-866-764-1601.

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